In a divergent reality when the 80's and 90's happened at the same time, limited by the technology of the 80's but enhanced with the imagination of the 90's, a secret team of sexy scientists created the SNES64. The very core of its processor is the nexus of these converging time lines. Stretching a 1 dimensional voxel into 3 dimensions of time, a world of graphics is rendered as reality directly into your brain.


The Decentralized Processing Cluster is a pool of Universal U-symmetry Utilization Units (U4). It is capable of processing liquid splash simulations at 50k density breaks per liquid drop, 100 million drops a second.


Universe U-symmetry Utilization Unit is a 64-possibility-state-transforming-transistor.

Tera Crunch Memory:

The Tera Crunch is a memory system featuring egg/chicken/egg paradox infinity encapsulation memory cells. Capable of both storing and predicting information, it not only self manages alternate reality restore points, but pro-actively facilitates attacks on incoming hackers.


The Seashell Sonar Sound System - the latest in sound mechanics, you've never heard the the sound of a full orchestra echoing infinitely inside a seashell cracking open and releasing into a collapsing scary cave quite like this before.

Neut-endo Power:

The SuperNintendo64 runs on an energy called Neut-endo Power. It is a self calibrating energy system that channels a collapsing Hadouken.


The game cartridges features Parallel Proxy Polygon Processing Prisms that destroys rainbows for pixel perfect Holographyx rendering.


The Dynamic Dimension Dilation Ouija-fi is a communication system capable of channelling up to 4 ghosts simultaneously.

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