A slurry of dimly neon slime
shaped by the ripples of time
He's a paradox haunting his own mind
in a logic loop of hardwired regrets
chained by a dream machine set to forget
but he is everyone when we regress
He's the living proof he's been searching for but can't see
there's only one mirror in the world that can show him who he used to be
A love fueled by hate
an echoing mantra, its never too late
His home is a gridlock of would've, could've, should've..
He spent his half-life in a vortex, dissolving, unresolving, de-evolving..

Time Broadcast Telephone:

Call now!
Call tomorrow or call the past
back to the 1980 Time broadcast
Just dial a number and press rewind
someone will answer in no time
call your mom, call your dog
call your friend, let them know the world doesn't end
call a future policeman, doctor or zoo
ask them what you should do!
Dial *5oh for the time zone megaphone
Attention 3rd side of dimension B
lets party like its never 1999
Paradox protection interlock connection will keep your reality intact
as a matter of fact operators are standing by
in 1999
Dialing random strangers has never been so much fun
and with 43 dial micro-tones to choose from
customize your own 25 digit jungle hotline number
Thanks for calling, we already know which pizza you desire
I was about to let the future know their cheese is about to expire
oh? you would like that cooked reverse smoke signal fire?
you got it!
Product waste is nearly outphased
Dilating reconfiguring stocks exchange
creating a better yesterday
Caution!: Do not attempt to contact yourself, doing so may cause an infinitely amplified feedback loop of alternate realities which may result in an exploding aneurysm within your own head.

(excerps from "the synesthesia coloring book")
Beta Maximillion:

At the inception of the trifecta of time
from the center of the God mind
and the hatching anima hive
sits a man who is blind
drawing a Euclidean hemisphere
the universe may appear near
but the mind can scale and adjust
the great spontaneous combust
mind divided by matter at both ends
infinity minus 1 energy bends
Aleph density point collapsibility
5th dimensional agility
and perpetual relapsing gravity
fussion, splosion, exmotion, gamma erosion
unraveling 9 states of energy, dilating density
sourceless synergy, topologically infinity
Then at the hand of the blind man
a decision unsure of what may incur
toss of a trillion sided dice to randomize life
the geometric predictability of boundless enigmaty
And for everything that fell into calculation
he created a seeing man named Beta Maximillion

Era of walking dolphins:

During an era when the earth stood still
for 3 years the world backspins to God's will
the only sight was moon light
there was no days only 1000 nights
With a harmonica attached, beta max throws a boomerang
mapping the night he and the bats sing
"what did the moon say to the sea?"
He crushes a sea shell inside a collapsing cave
the sound escapes and the voices exclaimed
"Earth is not flat nor round nor upside down, its just sound" this the bats echoed and the dolphins found
if they mend together they can walk on ground
like transformers octopus and dolphins bound...

Eye of the Dragon:

moral inventory manager
with the spunk of a winning monk
take your stance for this mental dance
every direction is coming at you like i have no plan
survival of the slickest, quickest metaphysical martial art-est
i'm blasting past transcendence
better call your spiritual ambulance
skip the bow, just remember your vow to your grand master
that self inflicted disaster
theory dividing theory
i double summon energy
i call this one claustrophobic ecstasy!!

speed of the tiger, eye of the dragon
its the will of a champion
and the test of his might
the thrill of a street fight
bringing the city back to life..

...In the time design realm where Evelyn Jackal 5th mother of hell spent centuries in labour giving birth to the castle institute of reverse engineering soul science, built with the collective carcass of thousands of conjoined fetuses.

In the 5th realm of hell:

I will turn the very threshold of your sanity metal, to then rust in the blood ocean of your after-rebirth, spilt to plenish the perpetual original sin unresolving into oblivion. On this boat built to sink, you will holy dive until the pressure implodes your soul inverting the timeline pulling your reincarnation through to kill you. I will feast on the phantom limbs of your gaurdian angel's wings, lured to you as I manipulate your mind fuckery, ree ree ree reee!!! (pig squeels). i hope you die slowly and painfully, more slowly than painfully, but also more painfully than slowly, the exponential cross combinations square rooted derives the only hexangle! The abomination of reincarnation, the cactus taxidermist, but mostly known as Keplar the failure savior. He stands mangled in dr suess logic, lobotomising any sense of hope from spent soul, and harvesting the part of the brain that is the root of all evil, leaving this retarded soul with only one warning "Everything that can happen will happen", using that harvest to brew hatred, breaking the law that energy can't be created. Behind him are nervous systems held upon crosses.

When space begins to repeat itself:

warning deja vu relapse ahead
nostalgia funnel sharp turn
dont look around or you may never come out
anachronological physiological affects of dead space
will pull you apart and re-ravel your brain
insanity is only epilepsy into higher plains
just when things start to feel the same, everything you've ever known is about to change
traveling at the speed of circus
camouflaged neurosis
and a placebo studio audience
mind spun and affixed to tricks
3 ring curses and good luck master verses
hand stands on the edge of time
and unicycles rewind
canon ball gravity stall
and lions jumping off the walls
and a 2 headed lady says that she used to be me...

jamais vu times 2
a space ghost lost in the trance of a death mid psychic medium
the spirit you're trying to contact has merged with a worm hole
please hangup and die again
then the ghost half lifed in 2
a contour rollercoaster tunnel and mental blocks turned cubes falling through
riding the learning curve to a radiating end
designed to forget how it all mends

every constellation makes a cameo
and just as fast they re-enact the past
a blurring hologram mythology
with tesseract juggling topology
now the doors of reality open
to an alternate dimensia
destroying within it all urentia

Brown out:

Two cops, mouth to mouth, curb stomp
Fuck tupac all i need is a knife and a watch clock
Gonna set the world straight one throat kick at a double time
Round house rewind, my smoke bomb is double blind
stab you in your gut just to throw the bats off
Skinned the faces off judges
tied them to get well balloons
thats how i let go of grudges
Clinton gonna need shampoo for these cross hairs
rigged win neo wig synchronized puppet scare
fake assassination response war
mrs cleo already packed her online store
The white house is just a decoy
I hacked their security system and reprogrammed to play gameboy
Advance bank bailout, bought a pot of gold and traded it for enough good luck to survive a truck crash into the central banking system
flame retardant nervous syndrome
got the fuck out
bought the fuck out
sold out just to keep the receipt for my tax u-turn
Donated my debt to the goodwill
got my disguise at the salvation army
Lobbyist identity theft insurance policy holder number 37 i will see you now
What you're gonna need is a bk kids crown
pawn it for a personality disorder alibi cause numbers 1 to 36 just ratted you out
i already got your mexico money wire reroute
send in 38 and get the fuck out
i'm late for the electoral brown out
political power drought
initiate my schizophrenic dictator inauguration
sketchy ass nation
first order of business is face value deflation
middle east peace trick or treaty
(thats all i got so far)

Final Stage part1: Tyranicalsaurus Hex

King Koopa
flabtabulous FUPA
defense mechanical
bear trap mandible
mischievously unfathomable
Tyranicalsaurus Hex
princess lost in tesseract time
you're next
the sky cracks open wide
light gleams through brimstone and ice
a vertigo maze drops where you stand
now you're confused within your own plan
simultaneously he fucks with your mind and fucks with your heart
You can't tell if its you or everything else falling apart
Kaleidoscope kill joy
bad trip tunnel vision
Diabolical impossible lost level
Anachronistic cataclysmic kamikaze attack!!

Final Stage part2: The Carpenter Man

Timeless classic
never too drastic
fear falls off his hands
this ones going in the stands
he plays all games
but wears only one hat
he's the power man
with a swiss army bat
he'll only fight if he thinks he can't win
gots muscle on his chin
no need to fear the night
he'll let you use his trophy as a night light
Survival of the fittest test 2
his bravery witnessed will test you
but he'll at least call you most improved
he's an eye trick countdown at zero
he'll let you be the hero
mascots break character
and disguise as narrator
no enemy can find a way
to destroy this day
in no time he'll take home plate
"this is the last stand"
he points at Koopa's face

Lie detector bombs

I feel like i have more to say than an average 1000 people, if a job personality test asked me how i would feel about staring a crowd in the face i'd circle feeling nervous is fun for me. I can break a lie detector test by pretending the machine itself told me it was true. I want my psychiatrist to feel like they're losing his/her mind when i say every psychic in the world just commited suicide, end-time square return point eve countdown uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. The official paranormal emergency siren only a lie detector can sound. You were left behind with god abandonment issues to deny, and now the masses gather without instruction out of fear of punishment alone. Open wide while i redesign your life with devil horns sprouting out your minds.

Final Stage part3: Sworn Frienemies

How does it always come down to this?
We used to ride faster than we can see
but when we slowed down we saw the differences between you and me
enemies cause our dads
friends cause our fads
the original dirt bike kid and the south paw curve-matic
those summers were anything but anti-climatic
We knew we'd be nothing like them, we swore friends till the end
No rehearsal role reversal
how we can relate but never simulate
the circuitry of our blame games is always the same
But you're the one who recalculated our fair shares
So I set off bygone bobombs
cause you truly haven't lived and let live until your frienemy has brushed the end
I doppelganger double dare you to defeat me
I deem this grudge necessary for our worlds apart are always contending
With old age comes this inevitable stage, here we stand at the test of our rage
I hate you and that will never change!!

3way Opposite Day

i am chaos, i am universal balance, i am a radical party dude
wrapped in intellectual quietude on the highest magnitude
i celebrate 3 way opposites day inside an inverted animal cage
i'm the chess piece that captures to set free
i'll break your streak like game genie
i'm a decoy majestic joker with an LSD super soaker
when flip mode unfolds i'm the bizaro christ out of control
i'll reverse wire your reset button
natural disaster maplord on cloud 7-11
shnoz berry brain freezy
rains down until mother nature feels queasy
smashed a unicorn in the face with a magic 8 ball
causing the entire disney kingdom to fall
i perform tarot card tricks
is this your past life remixed?
drop your credit card into my hat
i'm charging pay-per-view flashbacks
i smoke the aggro crag and do skyscraper tight rope jumping jacks
i hunt easter eggs with a blindfold and juggle the chicken/egg paradox 10 fold
Luke i am john connor's father
sent alternately in time to ghost lift Mcfly's board hover
I scratch records like a ouija board
i cast spells like a bingo score
hosted by charles lee ray on the price is right
i'll rob your soul in broad day light
in front of a live studio audience
but you get an easy bake oven set to novice
I wait for the buzzer when i slam buckets
and i sport roller blades when I climb mountains
I part seas and fill it with more oval teen, bitch plz
i represent the free association
i draw ink blots that look like a magic potion
spilt all over the place like a fundamentally broken down clown face
with one side paralysed
like an illusion poster gave you a lazy eye
i taught shang tsung how to morph into ed boon
then taught that fool how to play peek-a-boo
i squeeze clockwork orange juice
breakfast of Y2K champion 3 years too soon
i'm a chameleon to motion sensors
my smoke bombs fiz like alka-seltzers
i'll shrink freakazoid back to normal like dr lecter
i turned neverland into a sweatshop for 21 forever
thats where i got my technicolor dream trench coat
wore it when i shot up school house rock and reading rainbow
i challenged mark summers' OCD and flip that shit topsy turvy
locked him in the Atlasphere and lost the key
3 hours later he's an american gladiator casualty
wonka swallowed a gobstopper
while burger king choked on a whopper
i heimliched both while they puked on each other
pushed chuck norris down a flight of stairs
threw my autograph at dos equis man like i just don't care
but really i'm just an ordinary mexican man working my tamale stand
whatcha mean you want extra ham?
sorry we don't have that flavour
please try again later.