The Guide To Maynard's Story


This is an explanation of Maynard James Keenan's story, which includes every album from all 3 of his bands. This explanation is always being fixed and added to. This is an accumulation of everything I've learned over the past 12 years since I started listening to him. I'd say about half of the ideas are things I've read on the internet that others have figured out, and half is stuff I've figured out myself. (I just want to brag but I'm pretty sure I'm in the lead in figuring this puzzle out). I think the intention of this story was to get people to research, to share ideas, and for many people to work together to figure it out. Its a brilliant and ultimate story, I'd say it is the best story anyone has ever written.

If you are super familiar with all the lyrics and music this will go easier. This is only a guide towards the light, you will need to have your own source to read the lyrics from while you read this guide, I recommend the lyrics page on, well that's only for Tool, you'll have to find APC and Puscifer lyrics yourself. Also, there is alot of researched involved, don't be lazy, the whole point of this is to have ideas, the more effort you put into it the more you'll get out of it. Otherwise you're just gonna be that bandwagon fan wearing the Tshirt. The story is a learning tool, so if you're not into thinking really hard you're just not going to get it or enjoy this. I don't think they lyrics are omni-meaningful, they don't mean just whatever you think it means, Tool just says that so that way the people who aren't smart enough to figure it out will still buy their albums.

Firstly I'll start off explaining the time line to it all, then I recommend clicking the Tool button at the top of the page. After you read that then go to the APC section, then read Puscifer last. At some point I will give my predictions for the next Tool and A Perfect Circle albums.

In a nutshell, the story starts with Tool's 1st album Opiate and the sequence continues, Undertow, Aenima, Salival, Lateralus, then the story splits off from Lateralus into the 3 APC albums which are parallel, then the story comes back together in 10,000 days. The 3 full length albums of Puscifer "compliment" or are "parallel" to the first 3 Tool albums in the same sequence both were released in. Believe, there is alot to back this idea.

So the newest and most important big realization I've had about all this that I haven't fit into the rest of my explanation yet, is the time concept within Tool's albums. It took me so long to see this but here's how it goes. In every album, there is a developing sense of time that progresses through the albums in sequence. In Opiate, the human has a very minimal and weak sense of time, "trying to remember when but it makes me dizzy" and slowly starts to realize day and night. By the end of Undertow the human is realizing seasons. In Aenima the human is realizing mortality, learning to track time, remembering the past, predicting the future. Salival I think has alot to do with over stimulation, like you crave things more when you have to hunt for it, but when things are too easy to get then you lose feeling and appetite for it, there needs to be balance and time without. Lateralus is about humans realizing greater scales of time, such as the time it takes other planets to revolve. And its about when humans started using money, as described in the song "The Grudge" because time=money=human work energy. And patients.. 10,000 Days, its in the name, its about the cycles of human migration which was originally caused by weather, humans always wondered around, but when there was bigger natural disasters like floods then they migrated. If you think about how the moon causes lunar tides in the ocean, I think the idea is that when Saturn comes back around it causes even greater waves than the moon, it creates floods, causing people to migrate and deal with new people, as described with all the human conflict stuff in the song "Right in Two". I think maybe in concept, 10,000 days is supposed to loop back to Opiate like its one continuously looping ever encapsulating realization. And their next (7th) album will encapsulate the previous 6 like an outer perspective attempting to reprogram itself.

I think the 7th Tool album will be about greater scales of time, like when humans realize that the entire solar system including the sun itself is revolving on something bigger, and it will also be about micro/quantum levels of time. I'm predicting there will be 2 more A Perfect Circle albums. One will be about deciphering and communicating with dolphins, and the other will be about making contact, deciphering and communicating with aliens. If you noticed how Mer De Noms was about descending into the ocean, and 13th Step was about ascending into the sky, the idea of meeting dolphins and aliens makes sense. But even more so because the concept of the first 3 APC albums was to be the 3 sides of the Rosetta Stone, which was a tool to decipher between humans, so deciphering dolphins and aliens is a logical next step. You're welcome.

So have fun reading the rest of my explanation of Maynard's story. If you dig it and you appreciate that I have spent an immense amount of time doing this, perhaps you would be so gracious to donate or buy a Tshirt from my Tshirt shop, all proceeds go to supporting this website and my creative endeavours. Also Plz checkout the rest of my website. Peace.

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