To know is time, how long have you been in the zone?

I was supposed to be famous and powerful, but somewhere along the reverse time line of repeating universe sequences, it was decided more interesting to the self aware energy Magnetorus that I should have to work extra hard at becoming ultimately known in this world in order to save it.
Therefore I must hack my way to fame.

Off the grid

Everything on this website is created, written, programmed, dreamed, materialized, produced, or stolen and modified solely by Hackerman. If you like anything I do please share with your friends, subscribe to my youtube, or maybe buy a tshirt. I'm just a small town girl trying to take over the big city world.

Hackerman only uses LInux computers

Notice the controller is always growing, check back once a week for the rest of your life to see whats new.

Questions? Comments? Hate Mail? Love letters?

I am half human/half video game... dont steal my tattoos or i will fucking haunt you.

The infinite density paradox. Its basically tetris blocks falling into a blackhole. I came up with the idea one day while sitting in a safety class at work and not paying attention at all. It was intended to look like a road hazard sign for outerspace situations, hopefully that will be more apparent when I add more stuff to this arm. But basically the idea is that no matter how small a blackhole compresses objects down, the tetris blocks will never resolve in a circular unity.

I call this one The Lost Level. Probably the best low budget tattoo ever. It was done in 3 parts like years apart. Pacman was done by my homie zack attack, he just got a tattoo kit in the mail and we were drunk. He never did a tattoo before, he practised real quick on a hair school manikin head, then we went for it. The mushroom was done by this dude that I briefly knew that I met at an alternatively life style bar years ago, he was a furry and highly skilled at drawing animals with human torsos, I think he had sex with animals too. The ghosts tangled at the eye balls was done by some dude on craigslist who ran a 50 dollars for tattoo ad, I was dumb and desperate and didn't realize until after that he was no artist at all he only knew how to draw people's names in cursive on their arms, but it turned out cool. The mushroom itself I designed for a story I've been writing. Its basically like how mushrooms force you to face your fears, our greatest collective fear being connected mentally with everyone and having no buffer for all our thoughts, and having to co-exist this way with everyone. But in the story its demons instead of ghosts, and there's more aspects to the pi-shroom that you'll just have to read. The blue ghost has a bruise from me air drumming too fucking hard while driving.

I call this one Luck Manipulation. My most recent and wisest piece. Its kind of about hacking life, my own personal discovery of luck manipulation, experimenting with giving complete homeless strangers money and always getting something good in return soon after. Also I just think the idea of having a game genie piece in chess would be wild as fuck.

The death's head moth. In high school I was a huge fan of the Hannibal Lecter series. Mostly I was fascinated with the character himself, this most evolved human with an expansive memory and enhanced senses and his unmatched skill at reading people. It played a big part in seeing the infinite potential in myself, that anyone can be a genius if they want it bad enough, if they're willing to put the time and effort into it.

The White Pony, my first tattoo when I turned 18. Deftones was pretty much my die hard favourite band in high school. By the time I got this I already knew they weren't really my favourite band anymore, I guess it kinda just represents that time in my life. I like to think about it like me graduating from that whole listening to music for the emotional aspect and trying to match lyrics to my own person situations and moving on to the more technical side of things.

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